24th Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival (March 16-26, 2017)






Advertising & Booth Opportunities


On-Screen Commercial (Video-Promo, 30 sec, 20,000 attendees, 11 days): $1,800.00

Digital On Screen Ad (static, 20,000 attendees, 11 days): $900.00

Website Banner (300 x 300 pixels, 30,000 pageviews, 3 months): $300.00

or, want attendees and mall shoppers to sample your products?

BOOTH RATES FOR SDLFF 2017 at Fashion Valley Mall. Promote your product to over 50,000 shoppers per day!

$300.00. On-Site Booth Opportunity (1 Weekday Only):
On-Site Booth Opportunity (1 Weekday Only). Weekdays. Monday (March 20) thru Thursday (March 23).

$500.00. On-Site Booth Opportunity (1 Fri, Sat or Sun Only):
On-Site Booth Opportunity (1 day only. Friday, Saturday or Sunday). Weekend dates are Friday (March 17), Saturday (March 18) or Sunday (March 19). Or, Friday (March 24), Saturday (March 25), or Sunday (March 26).

$1,000.00. On-site Booth Opportunity (Weekends, 3 days, Fri, Sat & Sun):
Host a booth during the weekends ($1,000 per weekend). Includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (March 17-19) or Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (March 24-26).

$2,000.00. On-Site Booth Opportunities (Entire 11 days):
On-Site Booth Opportunities (Entire 11 days). Spots very limited. Sell your products / services / programs at SDLFF’s 24th Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival (March 16-26, 2017).

Call or email us now to reserve space:
* (619) 230-1938 x 101
* ethan@mediaartscenter.org


Advertise in the Festival’s 2017 Souvenir Program!

** San Diego Border Regions has a Hispanic population of more than 850,000+ people with a buying power of $11 billion dollars a year.

** San Diego has the tenth largest Hispanic population in the United States and the seventh in buying power.

Well Read
The Festival Souvenir Program is published yearly in English and Spanish for the annual San Diego Latino Film Festival. This year’s festival will take place March 16-26, 2017. For the past 23 years, this publication has been widely read throughout San Diego County, Baja California and across the U.S. The program features provocative articles on cinema, SDLFF’s “Top 10 to Watch”, synopses of films, filmmaker profiles, interviews with special guests and other pertinent information that is useful for both entertainment and educational purposes.

The People
The festival program readership is comprised of business and community leaders, students, professors and professionals who demonstrate an interest in Latino community issues, history, culture and education. They are highly educated and have an average age between 25 to 36 years-old. Our readers are leisure, travel and health oriented, enjoy recreational activities and dine out frequently. The festival program is a unique opportunity to reach the large Latino population in San Diego County (approx. 850,000 people). Furthermore, San Diego’s position at the forefront in attracting tourism, conventions and symposiums, likewise expands the program’s readership, offering visitors a unique entertainment experience.

We Get Around:
Since 1994, the festival has distributed 280,000 programs to individuals throughout San Diego County, the U.S. and Latin America. In 2016, 15,000 programs will be distributed to those attending the screenings. In addition, the publication will be distributed to another 5,000 individuals & organizations in San Diego County and across the United States via carefully selected high-traffic areas including banks, hotels, restaurants, cafes, universities and tourist destinations.

A total of 20,000 copies of the program will be distributed in 2016.

Ad Rates:
* Full Page (7 1/2″ by 9 7/8″) – $950.00(b/w) $1,550.00(color)
* Half Page Horizontal (7 1/2″ by 4 3/16″) – $475.00(b/w) $760.00(color)
* Quarter Page Vertical (3 5/8″ by 4 3/16″) – $240.00(b/w) $380.00(color)
* 1/8 Horizontal – Business Card Size (3 5/8″ by 2 5/16″) – $250.00

* Ad Reservation: February 10, 2017
* Camera-ready art: February 15, 2017

Preferred Placement:
Preferred placement is subject to availability and subject to one third of a page or larger advertisement. Placement will be guaranteed with payment of an additional charge of 20% of the rate for the ad in question.

Mechanical Specs:
* Camera-ready art: 300 dpi, cmyk, jpeg/PDF

* Non-camera-ready art and/or copy: There is no charge for basic type-setting and layout work. However, special camera work, photography or other extra production work will be billed at $45.00 per hour.

* Proofs: Will be furnished when requested in writing and all copy is in hands of publisher 10 days prior to deadline.

Payment Terms:
* Payment is due by March 3, 2017.
* Please make checks payable to: Media Arts Center San Diego.

Or, pay with a Visa, Mastercard & American Express on-line at:

Call or email us now to reserve space:

(619) 230-1938 x 101, ethan@mediaartscenter.org