Arturo Ripstein, Mexico’s unparalleled and unmatched auteur, is both an icon and an iconoclast, a universally admired and celebrated artist whose rebellious cinematic style tends to shatter and subvert Mexico’s societal norms. His camera is a heightened magnifying glass one minute, allowing the spectator to witness humanistic behaviors that embolden patriarchy, machismo, and prejudice, and a wrecking ball immediately after– pummeling through these systems of oppression, in hopes of transcending beyond them. Through the course of his long-lasting career, Ripstein has established himself as a filmmaker possessing astounding power and control over the cinematic medium, a talent that has elevated him to rank among the most respected filmmakers working today. The San Diego Latino Film Festival is honored to screen three of Ripstein’s most memorables films,  El castillo de la pureza, Profundo carmesí, and La Calle de la amargura, in a tribute to a one-of-a-kind filmmaker.


La calle de la amargura

Dir. Arturo Ripstein
(Mexico, 99 min., 2015, Spanish w/English subtitles, Drama / Crime)

3/25 / 1:30 / S9

Mexico’s unparalleled auteur, Arturo Ripstein, returns with his latest masterpiece “ripped from the headlines” about two elderly prostitutes dealing with external and internal crises: Jeza is having a hard time relating to her teenage daughter and coping with her cross-dressing husband; Adela suffers from loneliness. An encounter with twin mini-luchadores results in the two men’s deaths, forcing Jeza and Adela to come up with a solution for their newfound circumstances. Unflinching, darkly humorous, and filmed in beautiful black and white, La calle de la amargura is a cinematic experience unlike any other. Arturo Ripstein Tribute.


El castillo de la pureza

Dir. Arturo Ripstein
(Mexico, 110 min., 1972, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama)

3/22 / 4:30 / S9

Convinced that society’s corrupt nature will cause irreparable damage to his wife and children, a patriarch locks them inside their house for many years. As his children come of age, their isolation begets unexpected behaviors that shatter his illusion of raising them in a purified environment. Arturo Ripstein Tribute.


Profundo carmesí

Dir. Arturo Ripstein
(Mexico, 114 min., 1996, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Crime)

3/24 / 7:00 / S2

In this alternately macabre and mirthful thriller, based on a true-crime story, renowned Mexican director Arturo Ripstein brings a stylish audacity to the tale of the “Lonely Hearts Killers,” a couple who, in the 1940s, posed as brother and sister to lure and murder unsuspecting widows. Starring Daniel Giménez Cacho and Regina Orozco. Arturo Ripstein Tribute.


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