Love is complicated. And exciting. And infuriating. And wonderful… And, well, a million other things. These four films examine the complex nature of love and prove that the key to a successful relationship is best ascertained through trial-and-error. Get ready to lose your heart to these four winning romantic tales!



Dir. Diego Rougier
(Chile, 97 min., 2016, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Comedy)

3/18 / 2:50 / S9
3/20 / 4:45 / S2

After 17 years of marriage, Fernando and Alma break up when she suspects that her husband is tired of dealing with her bipolar disorder. Once separated, Fernando realizes he might have taken his partner for granted and does everything he can to get her back.  El Corazón Showcase.


Entonces nosotros

Dir. Hernán Jiménez
(Costa Rica, 87 min., 2016, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Romantic Comedy)

3/16 / 5:15 / S1
3/23 / 6:05 / DGC
3/26 / 9:45 / S9

In this heartfelt romantic comedy, a couple decides to go on a trip to mend their relationship after a misunderstanding threatens to tear them apart for good. An unexpected friend decides to tag along, complicating their chances of reconciliation. El Corazón Showcase.


Locos de amor

Dir. Frank Pérez-Garland
(Peru, 111 min., 2016, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Musical Comedy)

3/17 / 6:45 / S9
3/24 / 8:30 / S9

In Peru’s blockbuster musical hit, four cousins face various hardships that life puts in their way: love, heartache, infidelity, divorce, and endless tragicomic adventures, all to the tune of popular songs from Ana Gabriel, Marco Antonio Solís, and Camilo Sesto, among many others. El Corazón Showcase.


Una Noche de Amor

Dir. Hernán Guerschuny
(Argentina, 90 min., 2016, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Romantic Comedy / Drama)

3/18 / 9:00 / S10
3/26 / 5:30 / S9

After 12 years of marriage, Leonel and Paola are in dire need of a romantic spark and decide to go on a date. Throughout the evening, they are presented with a series of misunderstandings and mishaps that force them to address some serious questions about their marriage.  El Corazón Showcase.  


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